How to Get Ahead of Pet Allergy Season



Allergies in pets have grown to be one of the leading causes for a trip to the vet. However you can often manage it without the vet bill by understanding & identifying the root cause and then putting in place an ongoing management plan.

Prevention is best but what if the problem is already in your pets life, you know that spring ( allergy season) is nearing & you are dreading the next flare-up. What can you do to prevent or alleviate the reaction?


 Check & Boost The Diet.

Don’t just feed them, Nourish them. Think of it as feeding the Immune system. If you are already managing food or enviromental allergies, make sure that they are getting a good variety of hypo-allergenic flavours in their diet to prevent deficiencies & new allergies. Making sure that the meat ingredients are of quality and the formulation low or excluding inflammatory cereals ( this includes rice) potatoes, soy & artificial preservatives that can upset the immune system too.

Our top flavours are a variety of quality Fish options, Kangaroo, venison, goat & Lamb. It is unusual to see reactions to these & sometimes it is not the meat but other additives in some foods that can flare things up, so if your pet can handle these then you are away on a great diet plan.

If food has not been identified as an everyday issue but rather an environmental issue then a boost in a diet high in omegas leading up to & over this period to reduce inflammation can alleviate a major flare-up.

Good levels of Omega Essential fatty acids in balance with other nutrients are "essential" for all allergy pets all of the time.


 Boost Gut Health.

The digestive system & Immune system are tightly linked when it comes to allergies. Building & maintaining Bacteria & Microbes is crucial to the success of allergy management, as well as all other aspects of your pet’s health.

Frequent de-worming kills off this healthy bacteria and it is common to see increased itching after a dose, possibly also a reaction of the immune system reacting to the poison.

Our pet specific pre & probiotics are a must to rebuild Gut Flora after a worming treatment. If your pet severely reacts to these, there are also effective homeopathic & herbal options to reduce worm burden that do not upset gut flora or create side effects that may be better suited in these instances.


 Try Natural Remedies.

There is a big movement away from conventional medicines and toward old school herbs or homeopathy in efforts to reduce or eliminate side effects and long term damage.

Some prescribed medication actually suppress the immune system, so you may get a short term fix for a more severe long term problem. Always weight up the advantage of using steroid based medication and only ever use it sparingly. Long term frequent use is known to cause, immune damage & reduced bone density.

 Homeopathy has been used since the 18th Century & Herbal even longer and many of todays conventional medicines were derived from plants.

The underlying basis of homeopathy is the principle that 'like cures like'. Remedies are derived from substances found in any of the three kingdoms (animal, vegetable, and mineral) and overall has a very high success rate.

 Homeopathy when properly applied is extremely effective and usually safe to use on pregnant/ lactating & the ill thriving. 

Our Tagiwig range of Homeopathic solutions help with allergies by supporting the immune system & include natural parasite care options.

 As homeopathy is mostly specific treatments, pop in to see one of our nutritional specialists to determine which product may be best for your pet.


If you suspect your pet may have allergies or are looking for an alternative allergy food to your existing management programme, pop in to see if any of our alternatives may help.

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