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Hanleys Dog Roll 2.5kg
The first NZ Made dog roll containing an amino acid concentrate specially formulated for dogs, packing a nutritional punch, resulting in an Incredibly Low Feed Rate.Containing all the essential building blocks for healthy skin, hair, bones and muscle this exceptional...
Evolution Wild Mix 1kg
Feed the Wild in them ! Our Doggie & Kitty Furfriends love this quality blend of Chicken, Rabbit, Hare, Venison, Tahr, Veges & Lamb liver.Preservative-free with no added hidden fillers.We Recommend using our Evolution Digest Boost Raw Feeding Supplement to...
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Evolution Complete Chicken 1kg
USING FREE-RANGE ORGANIC CHICKEN, 100% NATURAL, PRESERVATIVE AND GRAIN FREE, our Balanced Complete Chicken is suitable for Dogs of all Life Stages.A nutritionally complete blend.No excessive fat & bone Fillers added.Contains: Human grade Chicken, Green tripe, Sunflower oil, Coconut Oil,...
Evolution Chicken Necks 1kg
Chubby little chicken necks offer small furkids enough meat on the bone to massage gums to promote blood circulation & remove tartar. When crunched up, the bones push against & secrete fluid from the anal glands in a natural way....
Evolution Hare & Chicken Mince 1kg
Wild Hare is a highly digestable & lean meat source providing a range of nutrients. Blended with chicken to improve Omega-3 & digestable fats for energy. Very popular with both cats & dogs.No Preservatives, No Fillers !We Recommend using our...
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Evolution Salmon Cubes 1kg
Our premium raw range caters for customers who prefer to buy Quality for their pets.Salmon Feast contains 100% export grade Raw Salmon, providing a nourishing feast for your precious cat or dog.Free of grain, preservatives and by-products, excessive fat fillers...
Evolution Lamb, Tripe & Organs Mince 1kg
Lamb, which is classified as a red meat, is packed full of heme-iron, helps support nervous system function based on its levels of B-group vitamins, has loads of zinc to boost the immune system, good source of omega fatty acids...
Evolution Wallaby Mince 1kg
Wild Wallaby Mince is a lean meat that contains lots of iron, zinc, protein, and conjugated linoleic acid. A great option for Hypo- Allergenic issues as it does not contain any other meats or fillers.We Recommend using our Evolution Digest...
Evolution Veal & Possum Mince 1kg
Our raw Veal & Possum blend is Pawsome for dogs with allergies, and perfect source of calcium for both Cat & Dogs of all ages.Preservative free, contain no grains and are high quality meats produced here in New Zealand. We...
Evolution Salmon Feast 1kg
Our premium raw range caters for customers who prefer to buy Quality for their pets.Salmon Feast contains Raw Salmon with, fresh veges, Hemp seed oil & kelp providing a nutritional feast for your precious dog.Free of grain, preservatives and by-products,...
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Evolution Chicken Cubes 1kg
Quality NZ Chicken & Nothing Else ! No Hidden Fillers. Suitable for All Meat Lovers. We encourage the use of a 'Digest Boost' Multi Mineral Supplement to all unbalanced raw products.
Evolution Duck Supreme
A great mix of Quality Duck, Lamb, Tongue and Heart. When feeding Evolution your dog will produce a lot less waste on the lawn, reduce water intake & improve digestion. Best used with our Evolution Digest Boost Mineral supplement.Feeding guide...
Evolution Goat Mince 1kg
Goat meat has more protein than beef and nearly as much as chicken, while having much less fat than either of the other two, it may be a great option for dogs or cats who need to lose a few...
Evolution Salmon & Chicken Cubes 1kg
PURE NZ MADE goodness for your pets; Grain free, additive free, preservative free, by-product freeOur premium raw range caters for customers who prefer to buy Quality for their pets. These products are concentrated diets free from high levels of Fat...
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Evolution Salmon & Rabbit Feast 1kg
Our premium raw range caters for customers who prefer to buy Quality for their pets.Yummy Whole Rabbits and Salmon with fresh veges, hemp seed oil & kelp providing a nutritional feast for your precious fur Baby.Free of grain, preservatives and...
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Evolution Rabbit & Chicken Cubes 1kg
Whole rabbits & Chicken minced and cut into meal sized pieces.No fillers, by-product free, grain free, preservative free.Rabbit is higher in protein than chicken, turkey, veal, beef, duck, lamb, and pork which means it's packed with lots of lean and...
Evolution Green Tripe 1kg
These Patties are made using green tripe and nothing else! No hidden Fillers !Green tripe is used as an important part of any dogs diet. Green Tripe is the best most natural food to maintain healthy beneficial bacteria in the...
Evolution Performance Mince
100% NATURAL, PRESERVATIVE AND GRAIN FREE, Balanced Performance Mince is suitable for Dogs & Cats of all lifestages.Full of energy & goodness for all Cats & Dogs of All Lifestages. Especially beneficial for high energy offspring & feeding mothers, this...
Evolution Cat & Kitten Mince 1kg
A healthy balance of Chicken, NZ Grassfed Lamb, Tongue & Heart.Lamb is an excellent natural source protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and more! Your Kitty needs quality protein for energy, iron for red blood cell formation, zinc for a healthy...
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