Peak Layer Pellets 25kg
A top quality & complete formulation of a minimum 18% protein & energy ingredients to maximise peak health & the production of home fresh eggs.Made Locally & in small batches for freshness, chickens often prefer this formulation & our customers...
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Hi-Lay Chicken Scratch
A yummy high energy blend of grains containing Corn, Peas Lupins, Barley, Black Oil, Sunflower Seeds & Linseed to treat your chooks with.A great supplement over winter to help keep them laying. Mix with our Top Quality Layer Pellets &...
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Budgie & Canary Mix
Suitable for All small Birds. Contains a high quality blend of: White Millet, Hungarian Millet, Hulled Oats, and Canary Seed.A budgie diet must be supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables often so they do not become overweight. Budgies also enjoy...
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Chooks Choice Layer pellets 10kg
A top quality & complete formulation of a minimum 16% protein & energy ingredients to maximise peak health & the production of home fresh eggs.Made Locally & in small batches for freshness, chickens often prefer this formulation.The small size of...
Wheat 10kg
from $17.99
Wheat 10kg
A popular supplement for your chookies to feed alongside our awesome balanced diets. For best Laying results feed Peak Layer Pellets.For best laying results, do not supplement more than 14g of wheat per bird to their base 140g layer diet.Does...
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Bird Cockatiel & Parrot Bell Small
A nourishing little treat made here in NZ.A mix of Millet, Hulled Oats & NZ striped Sunflower seeds. Stands about 13cm high x 6cm wide.
Bird Budgie & Canary Bell Small
Highly nutritious treats that also provide enrichment. Chewing on these treats will keep your birds entertained for hours.Our seed bells are handmade here in Oamaru.Our seed mix forms the base ingredients. These mixes are then handcrafted into a bell shape...
TF Millet sprays 10pk
Grown here in NZ for the healthiest most nourishing millet.
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Tf Wildbird Energy Log Peanut
Shaped into long cylinders these energy logs, like all of our energy range, are based around sustainably sourced soya oil - there?s none of that nasty habitat-wrecking palm oil here. Instead you get 100% delicious treats ready to power up...
Tf Wildbird Coconut Feeder
This attractive and easy to hang coconut shell is filled with a nutritious peanut flavoured energy food which your garden birds will devour. Once the birds have eaten the product the coconut can be refilled with more energy product, seed,...
Wild Bird Mix
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Wild Bird Mix
It is such a pleasure to have the company of wild birds in your own garden, to enjoy their beauty, colour and song. Feeding birds is a simple way to increase the number of birds in your garden and provides...
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Wild Bird Bell Large
A mix of premium NZ grown seeds that the Wild Birds will love and benefit from in a handmade easy-to-hang medium sized cone shaped treat. Highly nutritious for all wild birds.
Cockatiel & Parrot Mix
Cockatiels & Parrots are popular pets due to their inquisitive, friendly and playful nature. They are intelligent and adaptable birds. The cockatiel's native habitat has made them well suited as pets. They are hardy, adapt easily to change and can...
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Chicks Choice Starter Crumbs
This easy to feed Crumble, CONTAINS THE ESSENTIAL VITAMINS, MINERALS & AMINO ACIDS FOR YOUNG POULTRY & GAME TO THRIVE. Top Quality for the best start to life. GMO free, Palm FreeA complete AD-LIB diet for Young Poultry up to...
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Chook Grower pellets
When the peep-peeps become teens, its time to transition on to Grower Pellets. PROVIDING ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS OF PROTEIN, ENERGY & MINERALS TO PREPARE THEM FOR PRODUCTIVE LAYING LIFE.The smaller pellet size allows easier eating for both large breed & Small...
from $24.99
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