7287601660089 Topflite Wild Bird Bell Small
Grown right here in New Zealand carefully ensuring only the best seed makes the grade that's high in energy and rich in essential nutrients. With our locally sourced energy feed and beautiful feeders you'll have everything you need to attract...
6098561302713 Budgie & Canary Seed Bell Small
Highly nutritious treats that also provide enrichment. Chewing on these treats will keep your birds entertained for hours. Our seed bells are handmade here in Oamaru. Our seed mix forms the base ingredients. These mixes are then handcrafted into a...
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Wild Bird Seed Mix
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6098425086137 Wild Bird Seed Mix
It is such a pleasure to have the company of wild birds in your own garden, to enjoy their beauty, colour and song. Feeding birds is a simple way to increase the number of birds in your garden and provides...
from $8.99
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