NaturesBed Pine Bedding 50L
Proudly NZ Made, NATURESBED Natural Animal Bedding and Litter is produced from kiln dried, untreated Pine and is 100% natural and free of chemicals or additives. Being kiln dried our bedding is soft, warm and comfortable for your pets as...
Boredom Breakers Loofah Swing Bird Toy
Popular for parrots, this loofah swing has a wooden base & bell. Measures Approx 23 x 25cm
Bird Toy Tic Tac Toe
Bird Bath Allpet Care Green
Your feathered friends naturally bath in the wild to keep themselves clean. This small sized bird bath attaches to your avairy. Measures internally 12cm x 13cm x 13cm
Bird Cement Trimmer Ladder
Keep your best bird friend's claws naturally trimmed with this cement grit ladder.
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