4840675442765 Westons Rabbit & Guinea Super Premium Pellets
Just what their Digestive system ordered, a natural Hi fibre grass based pellet low in starch & made here & using ingredients grown here in NZ. This formulation is all Natural & does not contain any Coccidiostat. Purpose: A balanced...
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8213208563987 Feed My Pet Meadow Hay
Our Meadow Hay is locally grown, top Quality & dust free. Containing a variety of Grass species for the best nutrition. Quality hay should be the base of your rabbit & Guinea diet. Offer free flow. We also recommend to...
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7383652499641 Chaff Chaps Meadow Chaff 1.5kg
Our meadow hay is a mix of grasses that will provide a good fibre source. The nutritional benefits of Meadow hay will vary as it is dependant on the types of grasses in the Meadow mix. We tend to try...
7383652401337 Chaff Chaps Timothy Chaff 1.5kg
Timothy hay has long been popular with rabbit and guinea pig owners. It is a good fibre source, it is sweet smelling and low in calcium. Our timothy hay is always a first cut hay and is grown in Southland....
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