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Topflite Aluminium Poultry Feeder 5kg
A sturdy ground feeder designed to keep Topflite's poultry feed clean and dry.THe Benefit of Aluminium is, it's Long Lasting & will not break down from UV light.Measures approx: 24 cm h x 25 cm w
Poultry Drinker Pet One
Clean water is Essential for healthy birds & these drinkers allow you to gain time back in your week by only needing to fill once or twice depending on your flock size.These Drinkers are suitable to be hung, but we...
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Topflite Wildbird Energy Cake Feeder
Hang your Wild bird Energy Cakes in this handy little metal feeder. Can also stuff with fresh greens.
Topflite Wild Bird Lighthouse Feeder
This cool feeder provides plenty of perching spots for New Zealand's birds to rest on while they enjoy snacking down and feeding up on our nutritious Wild Bird Seed. Hang one today and watch them flock to feed in the...
Topflite Wild Bird Energy Truffle Feeder
Hang your Wild bird Energy Truffles in this handy little metal feeder.
Topflite Wild Bird Lantern Feeder
The Lantern Feeder is an attractive feature piece for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Designed to feed healthy and nutritious wild bird seed it's strong, graceful and built to last for years.Measures 17.2cm x 17.2cm x 22cm
Topflite Wild Bird Bistro Feeder
Designed for feeding our New Zealand-grown wild bird seed, the bird bistro is a great looking feeder that's lightweight, easy to use and built tough. Bright and bold, but simple enough to fit in with any landscape design, this bistro...
Topflite Wildbird Bach Feeder
New Zealand gardens. There's plenty of room to lay out a spread too. This bamboo bird feeder can hold energy food, seed or fruit.Measures 18.4cm x 14.9cm x 17.5cm
Topflite Wild Bird Seed Snacker
This seed feeder is suitable for use in either your aviary or in your garden. Simply fill it up with our premium mix of top quality NZ-grown seeds then hang it nice and high (and away from predators), and you'll...
Topflite Wild Bird Splash & Feed Feeder
The Splash & Feed is one of our most popular garden bird feeders in part due to its versatility. Our customers like how they can fill this feeder with either fresh water for bathing and drinking or with seeds and...
Bird Feeder Mason Jar
THis beautiful Mason glass style feeder holds up to 1lb of seed & is designed with 8 feeding ports.
TopFlite Wild Bird Energy Log Feeder
This handy little feeder holds Our Wild Bird Energy Logs.
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Poultry Feeder Aluminium Step-on
This Quality NZ made Aluminium feeder is a simple yet solid design constructed with the step designed further away from the box than other designs & plenty of head space, preventing the need for them to jump off when it...
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Poultry Feeder Pet One
These Poultry Feeders allow you to gain time back in your week by only needing to fill once or twice depending on your flock size.Suitable to be hung, but we recommend standing them on some bricks or wood to prevent...
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