4849662459981 Rumenuts Multi Purpose Feed 25kg
A Multi purpose Maintenance Feed in Large pellet form for GOATS, SHEEP, ALPACCA, CATTLE, DEER & ANY OTHER GRAZING STOCK. Highly palatable & easy to feed out without wastage. Commonly used over winter, dry summer, pretupping & tupping to provide...
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6991663956153 Pig Dry Sow 25kg
A complete feed suitable for feeding the Kune Kune pig and similair breeds. Also suitable for both dry & lactating sows in a larger sized pellet to prevent wastage.Feed 2-2.5kg/day as a weight maintanence feed rate.Crude Protein 13.5%Fat 2%Fibre 5.5%Salt...
6540505743545 Pigs Choice Grower & Finisher Pellets 25kg
A complete feed for efficient growing and finishing of pigs. Feed adlib until goal weight is achieved & continue on a maintanence feed rate.Crude Protein 17%Fat 6%Fibre 6%Salt 2%
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