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About Us

Whether you are shopping instore at one of our ‘The Feedshack’ locations or our online ‘Feed My Pet’ website, you are supporting a NZ family owned business & our knowledgable team of staff.

We love our pets at home! They Are Our Kids & every Kid has individual nutritional needs & these needs can change.

We understand that what you were feeding them yesterday, may not what they need today. This is why our ‘The Feedshack’ stores offer instore nutritional consultations to assist you in choosing the best suited food for your Fur Kid every purchase.

Specialising in natural products to address a vast array of food related illnesses including allergies, intolerances & some more severe issues, you can be assured that we understand & can assist even the most sensitive soul with the healthiest products on the NZ market today.

The pet industry is a minefield of misinformation which can be overwhelming for any pet lover, so we have done the hard work for you and waded through the wee tricks that fool consumers to offer you a selection of the healthiest foods & treats without harmful additives & fillers.

Our Website cannot contain the huge range of quality products that can be found in our stores, so if you are after something specific let us know or You & your Fur Kid could pop in for a browse. We would love to meet you both.

- Miles, Tracy and the Feed My Pet Team

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