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6311537344697 Evolution Hemp Seed Oil 100ml
Hemp seed oil is safe to give to your canine or feline companion and is especially helpful when supplementing your pets diet. Because it contains no THC, you can rest assured that you're not giving your pet something that can...
4839362723917 Evolution Green Lipped Mussel Powder 100g
Our Green-Lipped Mussel powder is a SUPER FOOD due to the variety of minerals, vitamins, omega 3 & 6 Fats, amino acids, enzymes & many more nutrients. Widely used as a joint supplement, green lipped mussel powder contains the properties...
8249403965715 Moxiclear Flea & Worm Treatment Cat/Kitten <4kg Single
Moxiclear flea and worm treatment is a one month topical treatment for cats and kittens up to 4kg. Apply topically for the treatment and control of roundworms, lungworms, hookworms and ear mites. The treatment and prevention of fleas including larval...
8053299839251 Evolution Green Lipped Mussel Oil 15ml
Sustainably Farmed in the pristine waters of the NZ coastline, green lipped mussels have been used for centuries as a powerful anti-inflammatory. While marine oils have proven to have a high absorption rate compared to plant oils, green lipped mussel...
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4839372193869 Evolution Parasite Dust Powder
Parasite Care is a completely natural & chemical-free flea, mites & worm treatment. A food grade certified organic powder that provide a fantastic chemical-free option for all of your household pets & on the farm. making it the perfect alternative...
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7316403847353 Bravecto Spot On PLUS Cats 1pk
Bravecto Plus offers 3 months flea and tick protection for cats, PLUS worm treatment, in one spot-on application. Bravecto spot-on products are absorbed through your cat's skin, drying quickly at the application site. Apply with a simple twist-n-use dispensing tube...
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6751005278393 Tagiwig Kidney Tonic 25ml
A natural kidney support. Kidney Tonic is a homeopathic blend designed specifically to support the normal immune response of an animal suffering from impaired kidney function, kidney complaints, under function and renal failure. Kidney Tonic has been developed to support...
7331833512121 Runaway Pets Brain & Growth Health Supplement 250ml
Runaway Pets nutritional oil for your dog or cat will provide the necessary nutrients to keep your furry family member healthy and happy for longer. Our wide range of specialty oils are masterfully created in our purpose-built premises based near...
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7331833479353 Runaway Pets Skin & Immunity Health Supplement 250ml
Runaway Pets nutritional oil for your dog or cat will provide the necessary nutrients to keep your furry family member healthy and happy for longer. Our wide range of specialty oils are masterfully created in our purpose-built premises based near...
7418059325625 Katz Kicker Cat Toy Safari Print Assorted
Cats love to wrap their paws around the top of their Kickerz and kick the bottom with their hind feet & has Feathers, catnip, and crinkle noise fabric for added enticement. * Fibre filling is made from recycled materials *42cm...
7321189155001 Cat Bed Its Bed Time Igloo Corduroy Beige
Your fur kids will be snuggly in this enclosed bed that traps their body warmth, helps keep out the cold & provide a quiet zone. * Removable foam pad base for washing * Medium size 37 x 37 x 38cm...
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7262334451897 Catit Pixi Fountain Filter Refill 3pk
To stay healthy, cats need access to clean water. The Catit PIXI Fountain Filter continuously purifies your cat's drinking water including filtering out calcium and magnesium. Calcium & magnesium accumulate in your pet's lower urinary tract, leading to common urinary...
7112164933817 Catit Pixi Drinking Fountain Mint
Cats love drinking from moving water. A drinking fountain can encourage your feline fur kid to drink more water, resulting in happier kidneys. The water filters through 3 levels of filtration to remove sediment and impurities that can build up...
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6086140231865 AFP Jumbo Crinkle Rodent Cat Toy Assorted
Watch as your feisty feline leaps, pounds and chases this Jumbo crinkle catnip rodent until her heart's content. The crinkle noise, its cute appearance will definitely make this toy become your cat's favorite. Catnip Infused. Please note: These arrive in...
4839345487949 Cat Toy Design 9 Blue
Bells, springs & Balls. Every Kitty's wish in a toy. *35cm high x 21cm
4839333167181 Bed Cattitude Dome Igloo
Whether you furbaby prefers to snuggle for warmth or hide from the world, this styley Dome Igloo will look great with any decor.
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8958063411475 Hartz Cat Toys Value Pack 13pk
This value pack of 13 cat toys will keep your fur children active and entertained.
8958034575635 Catnip Mad Cat Dried 14g
Entice play by sprinkling on toys, beds and scratchers. Encouraging play promotes healthy weight. Mad Cat is a premium product cultivated to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip produced.
8958018748691 Wiggly Fish Cat Toy 30cm
Keep kitty entertained with this USB charging wiggly cat toy. * Wiggles irratically when touched & stops after 15 seconds * Catnip infused * Size 30cm
8957840261395 Green Dreams Sofa Pet Bed
This durable fabric outer on this rustic pet bed suits the furchild that is rough on their beds. Removable for washing the cover is made from hard wearing natural fibres. Size 60 x 50cm
8957783769363 Cozy Sherpa Comfort Round Grey Pet Bed 53cm
Full of cosy & plumpness, this 53cm diameter bed will be a favourite for cats and small dogs. * Machine washable * Non skid base * For Cats & Dogs
8953742098707 Catnip Spray Trixie 50ml
Catnip in spray form allows you to use effectively on toys, beds or any surface where you want to attract your fur babies.
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