8652065603859 Yours Droolly Poop Bag Dispenser with Compostable bags pack
A convenient & lightweight fabric Poop Bag dispenser with two free compostable rolls. Made from Cornstarch to break down quickly without toxic residue.
6606217445561 Yours Droolly Compostable Poop Bags 4pk
Collect your pets poop while helping save your planet! They are 100% compostable and will simply dissolve in as little as 40 days. Recycled cardboard core & packaging. This 4pk will give you 60 bags
7470121582777 Aristopet Garden Repellent Granules 400g
Scatter the crystals where you don't want the animal to go and in a short time the animal will associate the treated area with something unpleasant and avoid the area. Repellents are enveloped in biodegradable clay granules allowing for safe...
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6590533173433 Four Paws Wee Wee Attractant 236ml
Encourage your Furbabies to pee where YOU would like! A Specialized attractant that draws dogs in, prompting them to potty in that spot. Trains dogs to potty in designated areas only. Can be used with or without a pee post...
6295081910457 Amazonia SOS Urine Absorb 250g
Messes become easy to manage with this liquid absorbing gel. Naturally neutralizes odors and turns any liquid it's poured on into a dry powder that can easily be vacuumed up. Cleaning up your pet's messes has never been so easy...
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4840536080461 CSI Dog & Puppy Stain & Odour
Specially formulated with bio-active enzymes to attack urine at the molecular level, CSI URINE Dog/Puppy Formulation removes stains and odours completely. Contains no masking deodorisers. Safer to use around our Fur Kids. NB : Image is the 500ml bottle The...
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