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7317294547129 Drontal Cat Allwormer 4kg 2pk
Drontal Allwormer Tablet for Cats is a worm treatment containing febantel and pyrantel and praziquantel which can effectively eliminate roundworms and hookworms whipworm and tapeworm. .How often should I worm my cat with Drontal? General veterinary advice is for all...
7316536262841 BroadLine Spot-on Cat Flea & Worm Treatment 2.5kg-7kg
BROADLINE protects your cat against both internal and external parasites in a single, easy monthly dose.BROADLINE is a topical solution containing fipronil, (S)-methoprene, eprinomectin and praziquantel available in 0.9mL to treat cats from 2.5 kg - 7.4 kg.Broadlline controls flea...
7316403847353 Bravecto Spot On PLUS Cats 1pk
Bravecto Plus offers 3 months flea and tick protection for cats, PLUS worm treatment, in one spot-on application. Bravecto spot-on products are absorbed through your cat's skin, drying quickly at the application site. Apply with a simple twist-n-use dispensing tube...
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7316525613241 Activyl Cat Flea Treatment Single
Activyl Topical for Dogs and Cats are topical products that use indoxacarb and a mode of action that uses enzymes inside the flea to activate serious flea-killing power. They are applied to a small area of skin but soon spread...
6751005769913 Tagiwig Wiggles 25ml
A natural worming remedy for your cat & dog furkids. Wiggles is a homeopathic and herbal blend designed specifically to support the normal immune response of an animal suffering from internal parasite complaints.Worms, internal parasites and other organisms will always...
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6751005114553 Tagiwig Jumpies 25ml
Natural Flea product. A homeopathic and herbal blend designed specifically to support the normal immune response of an animal suffering from flea complaints. Jumpies is a natural flea remedy that works well on its own or in combination with other...
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4841881796685 Bradfields Flea and Tick Spray 500ml
Ahhh, those pesky bugs.The active Natural Linalool will also kill eggs and larvae. Safe around pets and people. Long-lasting, Effective on ants and spiders, fleas, flies, ticks & most other crawling insects. Also ideal for use in cages, kennels, pet...
4839372193869 Parasite Dust Powder 100gm
Parasite Care is completely natural & certified organic. A food grade fine white powder that provide a fantastic array of uses for your household pets & on the farm. No CHEMICALS ! making it the perfect alternative for immune compromised...
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