Could Your Pet Be Due For a Detox ?

Many of the toxins that can affect our own and our pets' health are hidden, and we may be unknowingly contributing to the load of toxins our pets have in their bodies.

Pets are generally much smaller than we are, with smaller organs of elimination and have to work much harder than ours do to eliminate toxin buildup.


Since we control our pets' environment, they rely on us 100% to reduce toxins they encounter. They can't talk to us to let us know when something in their food or their environment is making them feel sick or irritating their sinuses or lungs.

So what can you do to minimize the toxins in your pets' lives and help them eliminate the toxic load they have in their bodies?

Get Rid of the Nasties in their Food.

Diet is often the biggest contributor to ill health in any animal, including ourselves. The best thing that you can do is get them off the highly processed junk food & on to a fully nutrient dense health food diet, free from artificial colours, preservatives, shelf stabilisers & chemically sprayed grains.


The most common preservatives used in pet foods are BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin.  Choose natural food and treats, like those we offer at The Feedshack. We offer only the best highly digestible, additive-free foods and treats.

Going Eco-friendly in household and Outdoor cleaners.

Our skin is an organ and absorbs heaps, including all the nasty chemicals in that shampoo. Swap out their chemical shampoos for natural & chemical- free, this includes those synthetic based hypo- allergenic shampoos. Your pet's going to do much better on a natural one that is more suited to their skins PH.

That laundry detergent that you washed the pet bed in could have residue. Check you are using eco-friendly or natural detergents for sensitive skins.

Our pets pick up all sorts on their fur/hair and lick it off.  With a warm water cloth frequently wipe their coat & paws. Outdoor garden sprays, fertilisers & cleaners can cause havoc with your pets health, so minimise & replace with natural options when possible. Mother Nature will love you for it too!


Check their Toys for Toxic Materials

Check out that the dog toy that they’ve been enjoying is made from non-toxic material & the colourings are only vegetable dyes. The mouth absorbs more than the skin & that latex toy could be causing harm.

Give your Pet Filtered Water

While the water that flows through your household pipes may be technically "fit to drink," it may contain toxic chemicals like fluoride and chlorine, and other suspicious particulates to damage your pet's health. Water filtration units are readily available & help to protect your pets Liver & Kidneys.

Swap out the Chemical Toothpaste

Regular brushing of your pets teeth has become common practise both to counteract damage done to teeth by poor diet but also as a preventative. Most of the dog toothpastes contain chemicals.

Often simply changing to a quality low starch alternative diet takes care of this problem and many of the best foods now contain natural herbs that aid in dental health.

There are other natural tooth care products that you can use too such as our Tagiwig Homeopathic Mouth Tonic. Our Evolution Parasite Dust can also be mixed into a paste & gently massaged over teeth & gums to remove built up plaque.

Support your Pets Liver & Kidneys with Herbs & Homeopathy

Your pet's liver does the bulk share of elimination of toxins. Antioxidants can assist the liver in this process, and many of the pet foods that we stock instore contain these. Older pets and those taking medications may benefit from regular use of liver support products. We stock an effective Homeopathic Liver Support Detox that also assists that Immune system and is easy to use.


The simplest thing you can do to support the kidneys of a healthy cat or dog is to ensure that they are drinking an ample amount of filtered water every day. Toxins excreted through the kidneys become highly concentrated in chronically dehydrated pets, and can damage the tiny structures in the kidneys' filtration system. Mineral particles can form when urine is highly concentrated, resulting in the formation of crystals or stones that can cause blockages and/or irritation to urinary tract structures.

 If your pet doesn't much drink water, consider a pet fountain and provide more liquids to kibbles by adding broth or water and healthy wet foods to provide extra moisture. For pets with urinary tract issues, consider homeopathic remedies for urinary tract and/or kidney support.

Keep Convention Medicines In check

Toxic compounds are plentiful in conventional flea and tick products and many conventional drugs, including vaccines. While chemical treatments and conventional medications may be needed, it pays to be mindful of the frequency of dosing, and to look for natural alternatives when they are appropriate for your pet. We offer natural flea and worm control products, as well as natural remedies for common pet health conditions that may offer safer alternatives.  We also suggest that you carefully research the misguided notion that every pet requires annual boosters for vaccines.


Keep in mind that as the body is eliminating toxins, it is not unusual for there to be a brief "healing crisis," in which a cat or dog may develop symptoms like a runny nose or changes in bowel function & sometimes skin. This is usually a sign that the body is expelling the toxins and such symptoms should subside in a few days. Stop any remedy if symptoms develop that concern you, and consult with a holistic veterinarian for appropriate guidance.

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