Green Lipped Mussel Powder vs Oil For Dogs and Cats

So, your fur child is getting older now (or is recovering from an injury). Maybe a bit slower to get up, a bit limpy when they walk or are showing the pain of arthritis and they could do with a pet joint supplement to help with that. 

Green lipped mussels have been used for hundreds of years as a powerful anti-inflammatory to reduce pain & improve joint function.

While, the first thing to do when you see inflammation/discomfort is to remove any inflammatory foods from the diet and the addition of green lipped mussel early on, is of great benefit later on down the road.


Are Green Lipped Mussels Effective

Green Lipped mussels were studied about 60 years ago to see their affects on the treatment of cancer. While there were no real clinical benefits for cancer, it was noticed that patients who happened to also suffer from osteoarthritis saw a reduction in pain and stiffness, along with an improvement in mobility. Also noted that asthma sufferers saw significant improvements in the condition. These results were noted without any side effects, which pays testament to the safety of green-lipped mussels.

What makes Green Lipped Mussels Effective

Green Lipped mussels contain unique properties from other mussel species & marine species. They are a natural anti-inflammatory due to their levels of omega 3 fatty acids but especially to an additional little secret essential fatty acid, Eicosatetraenoic Acid (ETA) not found in other marine or plant oils.

This rare ETA omega fatty acid is hundreds of times more potent than the EPA & DHA found in other oil and works at the gene level to lower the production of inflammatory enzymes, inhibiting pain rather than simply combat it.

Green lipped mussels also feed the friendly bacteria naturally found in our digestive system. Arthritis & Joint pain is linked to gut health, so, if our digestive system is healthy, generally so are our body systems, preventing pain & disease.

Powder vs Oil

While the powder extracted from the mussels has lost much of its oil, it still retains some, providing essential fatty acids that are essential to our wellbeing. However the powder also contains high levels of nutrients such as Glucosamine & Chondroitin, omega 3 essential fatty acids and trace minerals. 

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are the components of cartilage which work together to cushion & lubricate the joint. Both are produced naturally in the body, but, as we age our bodies slow in their production resulting in inflammation & wearing of bone, making the powder a good option for rebuilding & maintaining joint function.

While the oil does not contain the same level of nutrients found in the powder, it is higher in essential fatty acids that reduce inflammation ( not just in the joints) including that secret little omega, Eicosatetraenoic Acid which is a pain inhibitor.

So Which is Better

They are both different in their own way, providing the body different levels of nutrients. Providing the body with the building blocks to repair itself would be a starting point but this takes time & could be weeks before repair is noticeable & inflammation is reduced. 

Oil in its liquid form is easily absorbed by the body resulting in quicker reduction of inflammation & green lipped mussel oil has such a unique array of omega fatty acids that it is more potent than both the powder and other marine oils, requiring lower doses.

While, the best results come with the supplementation of both, each have their own benefits to specific issues.


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