Hemp Seed Oil for Pets. Just another Fad?

Fish Oils, Flax seed oils etc.... There certainly have been a roller coaster of fad supplements for pets over the years, but Hemp Seed Oil has the potential to last. Here’s why.

Hemp Seed contains GLA`s,  (Gamma- Linoleic Acid) a unique omega-6 fatty acid that possesses strong anti-inflammatory abilities. Omega 6`s overall are viewed as unhealthy but the GLA is the exception to the rule & essential in their diet.

  • It is a key Anti-Inflammatory
  • It regulates Hormones
  • It supports healthy Skin & Coat

Balancing Omegas

As with anything, balance is important & the body needs more than omega-3s alone. Hemp Seed Oil Contain a more balanced Omega 3 & 6 ratio. When your dog’s omega-6 and omega-3 fats aren’t balanced, the body produces too much AA and it leads to inflammation.

How To Know If Your Dog Needs Hemp Seed Oil

Inflammation should appear in times of short-term trauma. But ongoing infection, long-term reactions, stimulants or allergies lead to chronic inflammation such as Leaky Gut Syndrome, then GLA is essential to his diet to reduce the inflammation.

          *Some causes of chronic inflammation can be Poor diet/ processed food,             Chemical Flea/Worm Treatments, Medication, Environmental toxins,                    Aging.

          *Some signs of chronic Inflammation are often Diarrhea, Constipation,                 Skin rashes, Lethargy, Digestive problems, Arthritis, Decreased mobility

Chronic inflammation is responsible for multiple health issues in dogs, including arthritis, liver or kidney disease, cancer, pain, IBD, among other problems. Using hemp oil alleviates inflammation and also treats chronic inflammation.

 Why Choose hemp seed oil ?

Hemp Seed Oil is a sustainable source of GLA for your dog … and it’s rich in trace minerals. You can use it internally or topically for skin problems.

*An Anti- Inflammatory, it can help with Joint pain, digestive inflammation & skin inflammation caused by poor diet or allergies.

*Great for healing coat shine & dry, flaky, irritated skin.

*Reported to help with stress & even seizures. 

*Speeds up the body's fat burning mechanism to aid in weight loss while improving energy levels.

 As an added bonus, Hemp Seed Oil is also a good source of SDA (stearidonic acid). SDA is good for the heart. Even better!

Pro Tip: Combine Hemp Seed Oil GLA with Pure Green Lipped Mussel powder as an extra boost of Anti-Inflammatory Fats !

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