Toy Nerf Ball Blaster
Make your Dog a Nerf Dog.High-powered blasting action launches your dog's favourite fetching tennis ball over 18metres in the air. When your dog brings it back, stay in the game by placing the barrel on the tennis ball and pick...
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Toy Tuff Ball Giant
Tuff Balls, the original tough tennis ball for dogs Giant Sized ! Tuff Balls have extra-thick natural rubber walls which give added durability and bounce. A great toy for boredom and aggressive chewers.*2 balls per pack *10cm wide*Non-abrasive polyester felt...
Herbal Cat Happiness Catnip 10g
Herbal Cat Happiness makes cats 'frolicsome, amorous and full of fun' due to a chemical produced in the catnip plant called nepetalactone.Catnip acts as a temporary, natural stimulant for about 70% of cats. Its effects will last a short period...
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TopFlite Aluminium Poultry Feeder 5kg
A sturdy ground feeder designed to keep Topflite's poultry feed clean and dry.THe Benefit of Aluminium is, it's Long Lasting & will not break down from UV light.Measures approx: 24 cm h x 25 cm w
Awesome Pawsome Peanut Butter & Cranberry 85g
Your pal can now enjoy the biggest twist on an all-time classic! Awesome Pawsome Peanut Butter & Cranberry is made with real peanut butter and cranberries, mixed with aromatic botanical extracts of green tea, rosemary, and spearmint for a more...
Awesome Pawsome Chicken Dumpling 85g
Get your buddy jumping over Awesome Pawsome Chicken Dumpling, made with cage-free New Zealand chicken. With natural antioxidants and a mix of tasty herbs, Chicken Dumpling is the yummy treat that awesome dogs snack on.Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Potatoes, Tapioca, Vegetable...
Awesome Pawsome Beefy Bites 85g
Only the coolest pets munch on the big beefy morsels of Awesome Pawsome Beefy Bites. Made with grass-fed, free-range beef from New Zealand, Beefy Bites is enriched with naturally-occurring antioxidants and aromatic herbs like green tea, rosemary, and spearmint.Beef Meal,...
Huskimo Treat Bag
WHY WE LOVE IT...WATERPROOF / For wind & rain protectionDUAL POCKET / Magnetic closingADJUSTABLE WAIST BAND (1.26m) / For the perfect fit REFLECTIVE / Keeps you visible & safeTWO HANDY POCKETS / For treats & accessoriesBELT/TROUSER CLIP / To attach...
Tasty Bone Roast Beef/Wine Chew Toy
Nylon Tasty Bone Roast Beef & Red Wine Sml Made from 100% Virgin Nylon, tested on the most viforous of chewers, its guaranteed to last. Uniquely infused with irresitible flavours right through the core, your dog will never get bored,...
from $16.99
Tasty Bone Chicken & Thyme Chew Toy
Nylon Tasty Bone Roast Chicken & Thyme Toy Made from 100% Virgin Nylon, tested on the most viforous of chewers.Uniquely infused with irresitible flavours right through the core, your dog will never get bored, as the flavour will last the...
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Catnip Pet Links Tea Zing 100% 3pk
Pet Links Tea Zing 100% Catnip filled Cat Toy is a pack of 3 lightweight catnip toys shaped like tiny tea bags. Each pouch features an amusing print of a cat with a teacup that says "Time for catnip kit-tea!"...
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Toy Petstages Thunda Tugga Zebra
Ready, Steady...Tug !! Our plush Thunda Tuggas Leggies appear soft & sweet, but these feisty fellas let out a series of action packed rapid squeaks when their legs are pulled. Your pooch can munch, bite, chew and squeak its way...
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Toy Petstages Headbangerz Chicken
This wildlife toy features a TPR light-up ball inside its head, an oversized squeaker in its body and a K9 Tuff guard for more durability. The durable mesh layer allows the light up ball to shine through the material.Stands approx...
Toy Hear Doggie Flatties Cow
Hear Doggy! toys give your pet the same sensation and enjoyment of traditional squeaky toys without the irritating noise! The science behind Hear Doggy! :Dogs can hear sounds at a higher frequency (0 to 45KHz) than humans (0 to 20...
Toy Kazoo Braid Bone
This classic knot bone is a well-loved rope toy. 100% natural cotton is woven into a super-strength rope so your dog can chew, tug and pull to their hearts content. Softer on Teeth & Gums than other abrasive ropes.BEST BITS:100%...
from $8.99
Pip Squeak Wood Chew Kabob
Encourage their natural need to chew & play.
Pip Squeak Lava Star
The lava material help keep pet's teeth naturally trim and clean while encouraging healthy activity.
Pip Squeak Sisal Carrot
Encourage their natural need to chew & play.
Leather Dog Collar Soft Round Black
This gorgeous European Soft round genuine leather collars is also great for long haired dogs as their hair will not get matted easily.Lightweight not Chunky.WHICH SIZE FOR YOU?Size: S (33-41cm, 10mm), M (39-47cm, 10mm), L (45-53cm, 13mm)
from $19.99
Leather Dog Collar Soft Brown Top
This GENUINE SOFT LEATHER COLLAR is lightweight & comfortable to wear.No fake or hard leather, but the highest quality of handmade soft leather collars and leads made to last. Matching Leads available too !!!! Small width 20mm Neck girth 30-39cmMedium...
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Cool Mat
from $34.99
Cool Mat
A cool mat can help any pet that struggles with overheating. The Gel inside the mat draws heat away from the body providing cool relief.WHICH SIZE WILL SUIT BEST ?Our Medium size is 50cm x 40cmOur Large Size is 90cm...
from $34.99
Treat NZ Deer Antler Medium
Deer Hard Antler is clean and free from unpleasant odours. It is also good for your dog?s teeth and very long-lasting. Because it doesn?t splinter, Deer Hard Antler is much safer than bones.Deer Hard Antler is 100% natural; it contains...
Toy Snuggle Plush Stand Animals Assorted
These cute little companionmade from soft chenile fabric is an awesome little squeeking friend. Size 20cmThese come to us assorted, so if you have a preference, please add that to your notes in the checkout, otherwise we will assume that...
Toy Snuggle friends Plush Duck with sound
With more of an authentic honk rather than a squeek, has made it a very popular plush buddy for your Medium to Large Fur-Kid.
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