4839323238477 Acana Adult Dog Food
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4839323762765 Acana Adult Small Breed Dog Food
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4839324188749 Acana Classic Red Dog Food
Dogs are not only capable of eating the foods of their ancestors, they actually require it for peak health. Brimming with richly nourishing meats, ACANA Classic Red features grass-fed lamb, ranch-raised beef, and Yorkshire pork, FRESH or RAW, in WholePrey...
from $39.99
4839324418125 Acana Grassfed Lamb Dog Food
All dogs evolved as carnivores and Biologically Appropriate foods mimic the foods Mother Nature intended them to eat!That's why ACANA Grass fed Lamb is loaded with 50% lamb, to nourish your dog according to his biological adaptation to a meat...
from $49.99
4839325007949 Acana Grasslands Dog Food
70% LAMB, DUCK, EGGS & FISH, GRAIN-FREE AND LOW CARBOHYDRATE in ratios that mirror your dog's evolutionary diet. The ultimate food mimics the one Mother Nature intended your dog to eat! Passed fit for human consumption, our local ingredients are...
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4839325237325 Acana Adult Large Breed Dog Food
We loaded ACANA Adult Large Breed with free-run chicken, wild-caught flounder and nest-laid eggs, in WholePrey ratios that nourish naturally, without long lists of synthetic additives.Because excess weight can stress bones and joints, ACANA is free of fast carbohydrates such...
from $146.99
4839325368397 Acana Light & Fit Dog Food
OVERWEIGHT DOGS BENEFIT FROM A DIET RICH IN PROTEIN TO PROMOTE LEAN MUSCLE MASS FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH.That's why ACANA Light & Fit is brimming with 65% meat, including free-run chicken, cage-free eggs, and wild-caught flounder delivered fresh or raw from...
from $41.99
4839325859917 Acana Pacifica Dog Food
Grain-free & high in fish proteins to reduce unwanted carbohydrates, We have tremendous success with this product for pet allergies from Puppies to Senior.This formulation contains a fantastic ratio of 70% fish & 30% fruits, vegetables & herbs.Made from Canada's...
from $52.99
4839326187597 Acana Prairie Poultry Dog Food
Loaded with nourishing meat protein, ACANA Prairie Poultry features free-run chicken & turkey and cage-free eggs raised on prairie farms, and delivered to our kitchen FRESH or RAW in WholePrey ratios.Suitable For All Breeds & Lifestages.Contains 50% QUALITY ANIMAL INGREDIENTS...
from $35.99
4839326384205 Acana Puppy & Junior Food
By nature, all puppies are carnivores - biologically adapted for a diet rich and varied in meats, with smaller amounts of fruits, vegetables, and grasses.Free of grains and fast carbohydrates such as rice, tapioca or potato, ACANA is rich in...
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4839327006797 Acana Puppy Large Breed Dog Food
Large breed puppies are best fed a diet rich in meat protein to develop muscles, yet limited in carbohydrates and calories to manage body weight and reduces stress on developing bones and joints. ACANA Puppy Large Breed is loaded with...
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4839327662157 Acana Ranchlands Dog Food
Loaded with ranch-raised beef, grass-fed lamb, Yorkshire pork, plains bison, and wild-caught walleye, all delivered in WholePrey ratios, ACANA Ranchlands is brimming with goodness and taste.Trusted everywhere, protein-rich ACANA promotes peak conditioning in all breeds and life stages.Buy 10 Get...
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4839327858765 Acana Senior Dog Food
Senior dogs are best fed a diet rich in meat proteins to support lean muscle mass, yet limited in carbohydrates which can lead to obesity and diabetes with additional levels of built in joint support. ACANA Senior replaces fast carbohydrates...
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4839328055373 Acana Wild Coast Dog Food
DOGS ARE NOT ONLY CAPABLE OF EATING THE FOODS OF THEIR ANCESTORS, THEY ACTUALLY REQUIRE IT FOR PEAK HEALTH.Loaded with nourishing protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, ACANA Wild Coast features sustainable fish, wild-caught off North Vancouver Island?s cold Pacific waters...
from $39.99
4839328776269 Addiction Duck Royale Cat Food
Featuring Cage-Free New Zealand Duck, Addiction's Duck Royale is a wholesome meal that can satisfy any cat!Crafted with a generous boost of sun-kissed berries, we have enriched this recipe with herbal botanicals for overall health and vitality. Formulated without grains...
4839328841805 Addiction Salmon Bleu Cat Food
Using only the finest quality salmon - packed with healthy Omega 3 fatty acids - grain-free Salmon Bleu is perfect for keeping your cat's coat and skin extra healthy. With added smoked salmon for extra delectable flavours - as well...
4839329103949 Addiction Kangaroo & Apple Dog Food
Great for all Breeds from Puppy to Senior.Wild kangaroo is an incredibly nutritious protein that contains the highest levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid of any red meat. And because the kangaroo is harvested from the wild, it's free from antibiotics...
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4839329267789 Addiction Le Lamb Dog Food
We use the most tender free-range lamb from New Zealand for this hearty food. The lamb are raised on pristine pastures where they roam freely and are not dosed with artificial hormones or steroids. Free from fillers and by-products &...
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4839329857613 Addiction Mega Dog Food
Mega taste, Mega nutrition, for big dogs with big lives!A recipe that is well balanced on its own, MEGA is grain-free and packed with all the essential nutrition and goodness that your big dog needs. A savoury medley of high...
4839330218061 Addiction Salmon Bleu Dog Food
Great for all Breeds from Puppy to Senior.Featuring Pacific Salmon from the bluest oceans, Addiction's Salmon Bleu is a hypoallergenic diet with an optimal balance of essential nutrients. High in Omega 3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants, this premium grain-free...
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4839330414669 Addiction Venison Dog Food
Featuring Free-Range New Zealand Venison, Addiction's Viva La Venison is a mouth-watering treat that will satisfy any dog! Served with a generous dose of Fruits and Vegetables, we have included Probiotics for overall health and vitality. Formulated without grains, this...
from $41.99
4839330545741 Addiction Meaty Bites Brushtail Dog Treats 113g
We use the highest quality wild New Zealand Brushtail Possum in these treats so your dog can benefit from all the wholesome nutritiousness and mouth-watering natural flavour of real wild meat.Addiction Brushtail Meaty Bites are perfect to use when training...
4839330611277 Addiction Meaty Bites Chicken Dog Treats 113gm
We use high quality free-range New Zealand chicken in these treats so your dog can benefit from wholesome nutritiousness and mouth-watering natural flavour of real meat.Addiction Chicken Meaty Bites are perfect to use when training dogs - or for simply...
4839330742349 Addiction Meaty Bites Venison Dog Treats 113gm
We use high quality free-range New Zealand Venison in these treats so your dog can benefit from wholesome nutritiousness and mouth-watering natural flavour of real meat.Addiction Venison Meaty Bites are perfect to use when training dogs - or for simply...
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