Wishbone Roost Cat Food
Made with the unmatched quality of New Zealand cage-free chicken, this food is made in small batches to retain its natural goodness. Our exquisite formula made of 90% protein from chicken and fish meals, blended with herbal botanicals like basil,...
from $30.99
Wishbone Pasture Cat Food
Let your cat enjoy the rolling pastures of New Zealand where lamb are given free range to graze and are raised free of artificial hormones. It is no wonder that New Zealand lamb is revered around the world as being...
from $30.99
Wishbone Graze Cat Food
Over 90% of our crude protein consists of high quality animal protein. This is to ensure that your pets get the needed nutritional requirements for optimal health and vitality.This meat-lover's delight features the finest free-range New Zealand Beef and Lamb,...
from $30.99
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